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Smiling Eyes, A Cheerleading Coach's Personal Vict

TAUNTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- October 15, 2008 Smiling Eyes, A Cheerleading Coach’s Personal Victory Following a bizarre tragedy that defies logic, and a second chance at life, this woman who was barely noticed in a family of nine, chooses to prove her worth emotionally, mentally and physically through her accomplishments in coaching cheerleaders, and then succeeds in completing an inspiring novel of triumph.

After years of being encouraged so many times by professional people such as doctors and therapist, to write a story about a bizarre accident that she was involved in, the author decided that the only way she could take on such a project would be to surround it with something that was so positive in her life that it may have been one of the most key effects that fostered her through the healing process of multiple injuries. Her family and coaching cheerleaders gave her purpose to repair and accept her injured body. In this cheerleading journey is the year of the accident, the year of recovery, and how she returned to coaching.

Norma’s book is now available at:,,

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