Cheer4Education Redemption Rules

Supporter needs to submit the online redemption request to redeem their financial gift for their designated recipient ninety (90) days prior to needing the payment to be received by the institution of higher education.

Funds from the program will only be distributed to accredited institutions of higher education. Funds will not be released to individual recipients or program participants.

Supporter will receive a confirmation of the redemption request via email.

If the supporter does not receive a confirmation email for their redemption request, the supporter needs to resubmit the request.

The financial gift will be submitted to the institution of higher education within ninety (90) days of the redemption request in the name of the designated recipient.

Supporter should check periodically with the institution of higher education to confirm receipt of the gift funds from Cheer4Education.

Amount of the financial gift will be determined by the amount requested (not to exceed the current available amount in the supporters account) at the date of the requested redemption.
Funds accumulated after the date of requested redemption will be available for an additional redemption.

A supporter may submit one (1) redemption request within a ninety (90) day period at no charge.

A supporter may submit a maximum of two (2) additional redemption requests, subject to a $10.00 fee per request, within ninety (90) days of any request that was submitted at no charge.

There is a $20.00 Change Fee, if a change needs to be made to a redemption request once it is submitted.

There is a $35.00 Expedite Fee, if redemption needs to be made in less than the ninety (90) day period.

Redemption Form

Here is an example of the Cheer4Education Redemption Form. Access to the real form will be made available to members of the Cheer24Seven website.