Cheer4Education Details

The Cheer4Education program is a proven and powerful way to save for a child's higher education costs by having a percentage of the normal amount you spend at merchants nationwide accumulate in a fund that you can use for the college or university of your choice.

List of Retailers

Finding the Gift Card you need has never been easier. Browse Alphabetically or by Category. Each Retailer's Gift Card is listed with the Demonination and Percentage of Profit that will go into your educational savings. (minus administrative fee listed below)
List of Retailers

Guidelines for Use

Anyone can join the Cheer4Education program and can be a supporter for any eligible recipient. As a participant in the program you can also choose to support the General Scholarship Fund which will provide scholarships to eligible applicants.

To begin, click the Sign Up Now link to enroll in the program and start saving money for education.

You will be able to review your account balance when you log in to your member account. (**This feature will be available starting in January, 2012.)

When you're ready to redeem funds for education, click the Redemption Rules link and follow the steps listed.

Any eligible designated recipient may apply for a General Scholarship Fund in addition to the scholarship funds they have earned through their individual account.

Funds from the program will only be distributed to accredited institutions of higher education. Funds will not be released to individual recipients or program participants.

A 15% administration fee will be deducted by Cheer4Education from funds earned through the program.

Termination of Program

Cheer4Education, founded by the Foundation for Cheerleaders of America, can change or terminate the program at any time without any prior notification.

If the Cheer4Education program changes and a supporter chooses not to continue their participation in the program, his/her account will be placed in a dormant stage. Once an account goes dormant, the supporter has two (2) years to choose a designated recipient. **

(**If the funds of a dormant account are not designated to a specific recipient within two (2) years, the funds will be placed in the General Scholarship Fund which distributes scholarships for higher education through an application and selection process.)

At the time of termination of the Cheer4Education program all supporters will be notified of the termination via email.

All supporters will have one (1) year to submit a redemption request for their designated recipients.

All funds not requested for redemption within one (1) year of the termination notification, will roll into the General Scholarship Fund which will distribute scholarships for higher education through an application and selection process.