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Saving for Education is Easier than you Think!

We offer the best way to start a year-round educational savings plan. The Foundation for Cheerleaders of America (501c3 non-profit corporation) and ScripZone simplifies and streamlines the savings process and puts everyone -- kids, parents, family & friends -- in the winner's circle.

Here's How it Works

  • You first register for a free member account here on Cheer24Seven.com...and then on ScripZone.com where you'll enter Cheer4Education as your chosen Organization ID.
  • Next, purchase gift cards online at ScripZone.com for over 600 national merchants in categories like Restaurants, Travel, Home Improvement, Electronics, Entertainment, Grocery, Automobile, Online Stores and more!
  • Use the cards as gifts, or to make your own purchases and a percentage of the card's value goes into a fund you can redeem to help pay for college...for you or someone else!
  • Your purchases are tracked and you'll be able to see online just how much you are earning towards higher education!

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Program Benefits

  • Easy for grandparents, extended family, and friends to participate in a child's educational goals.
  • Gift cards are available for over 600 merchants nationwide.
  • Gift cards are purchased at face value - purchase a card for $10, you get to spend the full $10 at the participating merchant.
  • Cards can be used as gifts...or for making your everyday purchases.
  • It's quick and easy to sign up and start saving for college.

Here is an example of what you could earn just by purchasing gift cards to use for some of your everyday and monthly expenses for groceries, sundries, gas, fast food, dining, home improvement, pets, and more:

  • Starting in 9th grade:..........$1428
  • Starting in 6th grade:..........$2499
  • Starting in 3rd grade:..........$3570
  • Starting in K:.......................$4641

We believe you'll find these to be very conservative projections, and remember, there is no cap on your earnings. The more you use the gift cards on a consistent basis, the more your education fund will grow.